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The age of Aquarius

 Urania - deusa da Astronomia

The age of Aquarius

            Martha Pires Ferreira / 1972 , Rio de Janeiro / Brasil
             Even though astrology is not taken seriously by the academics of our time it is as old as men. The study of the stars was probably born from a passionate attempt to discover the secret of life and death. Astrology, which is known to all civilizations and cultures, remains until today as a science and an art of an experimental character and observation, studying the relationships between the man and the planets of the solar system – the behavior of the human being in the space of cosmic forces.
Astrology’s purpose is to determine the celestial influences that rule the destiny of beings and things. It is the art of universal correspondence applied to all types of individuals.
                             “Astra inclinam, non necessitant”
                          (stars predispose, but they do not impose )
Suddenly, many people want to know what is the so talked about Age of Aquarius. It really seems like eyes light up more when one talks about subjects like the coming future world, the dawn of the year 2000. A hope, an anxiety for beauty, happiness, a paradisic delight!?
I am not going to give astronomical data to explain that the vernal axis, by a process of retrocessing, is leaving the sign of Pisces, where we have spent twenty centuries, and is approaching now the sign of Aquarius. After the year 2000, aproximately around the year 2014 (?!), we can say that this axis will have passed the constellation of Aquarius, thus giving the origins of a New Age the History of Humanity.
As we cannot state with certainty anything pertaining future happenings, we can still believe that this age will be of great mental clearing up for all humanity. The Age of Aquarius is the wakening of intuition – immediate comprehension. Humanity will then have greater spiritual and scientific expansion. It is a period of freeing, of independence, of self-expansion, of telepathy, of paranormalness, of pre-cognition. Man is in search of knowledge and – by a kind of mediumship – knows what all the others think, what they are and wish. He is like the other, he is part of the other. It is what we call popularly the “tuned in man” in the larger sense of the expression. The development of perception will make him as penetrating as the X-ray. It is the being expanding in all levels, in all directions, directions that will permit knowledge which up to now is enigmatic for humanity. It announces truly a superior state of human evolution – a state of individual enlightenment – enlightenment of conscious lucidity.
The Age of Aquarius constitutes a new plan of development in the History of men. A total change of level – man acting in another psychic level. It is creativity in all its potentials, strength and vigor, completely transcending the present reality.

( with intervaly / period) (.....)

 This period of upheaval which comes before the Age of Aquarius – which we are already going through – can be seen as an apocalyptic phenomenon. The general psychic state of humanity is becoming more and more dangerous. It is the crumbling down of old ways of thinking: paradoxes, incongruities, nonsense – the unforeseeable! A reality which is very full of doubt and absurd.
Everywhere there are false prophets of truth and of knowledge – false lambs, false magicians, false clairvoyants, false wise men, and false enlightened. Many of these men as dogmatic “saviors of humanity” dictate principles and rules for the mind and for the soul, confusing still the general restlessness of the world. The pains will increase and humanity shall moan , tremble  and get excited. Completely ignoring what is left, we will only know that we feel pain and urgently need something to alleviate this and tranquilize us.
Those who have their individual torch alight, those who remain in a state of focused attention have nothing to worry about. The careful observer of current phenomenology  has only one exit : to confront the present moment , to confront himself and the darkness of his time , without creating rules or principles that will soon fade. The lucid man does not lose his goal – he works with lots of energy for a world which is humane and full of happiness- he suffers and does not fear the metamorphosis. He accepts the weight of the world on his fragile shoulders and does not get desperate. He trusts the principle of coordination of energies, in the renovating forces that emerge from the very center of the psyche. He works in silence and in love.
The Age of Aquarius, a utopia or a reality? If we ask geologists, sociologists and astronomers, they will have interesting data in relation to specific incidents. It really appears that everything is transforming. However, nothing can be stated, only time will tell.
For some scholars, the 2000 years that will follow can also be seen as the Age of Cosmic Space Conquest, and man has given sufficient proof that this is possible. But the age of Aquarius is above all the Age of the Discovery of the Interior Man- the AGE OF COSMIC MAN. The experimental study in school and universities.
In a profound interest to know his intimate nature and his intimate nature and his electromagnetic essence, man discovers that his soul is the divine being manifested in matter.
 -- The first publication of this article was in 1972 in the Brazilian version of the Rolling Stone magazine. 

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